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The repair, maintenance and installation of industrial and pedestrain gates, doors and barriers.



A regular Planned Periodic Maintenance schedule allows you to conduct your core business with reduced downtime or stoppages due to breakdowns and access issues. The reduction in callout charges will allow you to recoup the cost of PPM Contracts and be able to plan maintenance budgets. The many benefits of a Birmingham Gate Services Ltd PPM Contract include; Statutory Regulations are met giving peace of mind., prolonged service life of your equipment, business disruption is reduced improving your productivity and better information gives you greater control of your maintenance budgets.

Why choose Birmingham Gate Services Ltd? We have experienced staff who can maintain any gate, door, shutter or barrier. We offer bespoke programmes tailored to your requirements including out of hours servicing. We will give free recommendations with no obligation. Our bespoke package will ensure equipment is maintained without disruption to your day to day business.

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